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International Quality Production with
Tier-1 Focus

MEM Solar was established to produce modules at Tier 1 standards.
MEM Solar, which started its activities in 2023 with a production capacity of 1 GW in an operating area of 40 thousand square metres, is a strategic production partner of the world's largest module manufacturers.

Solar panel production at world standards.

As MEM Solar, we offer Tier 1 quality to make your work easier and give confidence while supporting your solar energy projects. Tier 1 class indicates that solar panel manufacturers are compliant with financial stability, production capacity, long-term warranty periods and quality standards. As Mem Solar, by being in this category, we offer our customers.

Financial Stability

MEM Solar powers your solar projects with long-term financial stability.

Production Capacity

Our sufficient production capacity offers complete process management.

Long Term Guarantee

By offering long-term warranty periods for our products, we reflect our confidence in our business.

Quality & Certification

We pass independent international quality and safety standards.

Choose the best solar module for your needs

MEM Solar's products represent the pinnacle in solar energy solutions.

Manufactured with state-of-the-art photovoltaic cells and a pioneering design approach, our panels offer high energy efficiency and long life.

Composed of durable and strong materials, our products resist harsh weather conditions and provide long-term reliability with low maintenance requirements.

MEM Solar enlightens the future by offering its customers a reliable solution in the field of sustainable energy.

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