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Introducing our latest innovation in solar technology: TOPCon cell technology coupled with 16 Busbar Half Cut design.

Engineered for optimal performance and efficiency, our solar panels harness the power of TOPCon cells to maximize energy production. With the 16 Busbar Half Cut design, each cell operates at peak efficiency, ensuring exceptional power output even in challenging conditions.

In large-scale solar farms, our panels deliver reliability and sustainability, empowering you to embrace clean energy solutions with confidence. Experience the future of solar technology with our TOPCon cell and 16 Busbar Half Cut panels.


• Higher output
• Longer lifespan
• Higher bifacial factor
• Lower annual degredation
• Lower temperature coefficient
• Lower investment and operating costs
• More power generation from the same square meter with higher low light performance

World's leading panel manufacturers' strategic production partner

MEM Solar has a strategic cooperation with Talesun, one of the leading companies in the solar energy sector. As one of the world's largest panel manufacturers, Talesun's strong manufacturing infrastructure and expertise perfectly complement MEM Solar's mission to provide sustainable energy solutions.

Meet efficiency, durability & Tier-1 performance!

Bloomberg Tier 1 class, which few solar panel manufacturers in the world can reach, shows that solar panel manufacturers are in compliance with financial stability, production capacity, long-term warranty periods and quality standards.

Manufactured with new generation technology


Cell technologyTOPCon

Temperature CoefficientLower Temperature Coefficient

Performance guarantee30 years

Quality guarantee12 years

Anti-PID2 times


Bifaciality Rate%12

Output power580 Wp

Common solution for different areas of use

Tomorrow's Energy

Technical Specifications

Panel Efficiency (%)

22.46 (STC/NMOT)

Rear Surface Efficiency (580W Front)

Pmax %12

Cell Type

Monocrystalline Silicone

Number of Cells

144 Half Cell

Module Dimensions

2278*1134*30 mm


31.8 Kg


Anodised Aluminium

Junction Box

IP68, 3 Bypass Diodes

Coefficient of Heat Temperature


Packaging Specifications

36 per pallet
720 per container

Performance Guarantee

30 Years

Quality Guarantee

12 Years

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